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 Ingame rules

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Ingame rules Empty
PostSubject: Ingame rules   Ingame rules Empty25th November 2010, 12:25

ok, now that we started having players, its time to make the rules.

1: No chatspamming

2: No Racism

3: No begging for items

4: No picking on starters

5: No cheating, hacking

6: Don't Be Dis-respectful To Other Players/GM's

7: No asking/begging the GM's for personal favors

8: No advertising for another server

9: No Abusive Laungage

10: Not Alowed: the alteration of software or data within the PRPW file and/or RAM addresses relating to PRPW. (in other words, no programs to lvl afk or any other cheating programs)

When Braking these rules you can get banned or muted. The amount of time the punishment lasts can be various
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Ingame rules
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